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Not all important terms are written in the contract (access required)

With construction cranes growing like tall weeds across the country as we bask in the glow of an economic boom, it is important for project owners to be aware of certain duties and warranties implied upon them under the law. ...

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Limit your liability with condo projects (access required)

I have noticed a recent uptick in questions from my clients about steps that can be taken to limit their potential liability associated with either designing or building condominium projects. These questions are spurred by an increasing market for condos, ...

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Contract tips for architects and engineers (access required)

A professional designer, such as an architect or engineer, will enter into many contracts to provide services. Owners often will not acknowledge design professionals’ narrow profit margins or limited access to assets and expendable capital to fund large payouts. When ...

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Hey, those design plans look familiar. (access required)

So, you have a set of architectural plans and are wondering just how much copyright protection is attached to them. The answer: Not much. In 1990, Congress passed the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act, and for the last 25 years ...

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