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Why do 401(k)s breed such investor apathy? (access required)

Despite the best efforts and good intentions of the federal government, 401(k) investors remain stubbornly disengaged from their retirement plans. Most have no idea how much they are paying in fees and other expenses. Many assume naively that their plans ...

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Getting to the heart of long-term investment returns

John Bogle, the founder and former CEO of Vanguard, uses just three charts to illuminate 100 years of market history and demonstrate some fundamental truths about investment returns. He manages to separate what matters from what doesn’t in the long ...

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Worth Considering: Four great books for the intelligent investor

In the investment world, bad ideas are never in short supply. You might say that there is always a bull market in bad ideas being peddled to the investing public. To take just one example, consider the continuing profusion of ...

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