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Big changes will greatly impact the housing picture in Oregon

The 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature saw changes to many existing laws, but none as significant as those relating to requirements for state, regional and local government actions to meet housing needs. Two pieces of legislation are particularly significant: ...

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Tiny homes could play a big role in alleviating housing shortages (access required)

A paper given at a recent urban design conference by Heather Shearer of Griffith University in Australia may be helpful in addressing housing shortages, especially with regard to affordable units. Shearer suggests that “tiny homes” may play a role. Tiny ...

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Considering sufficiency and the need for affordable housing

One of us recently participated in an international conference on law, property and society. Among the topics discussed was that of sufficiency – at what point do we have too much “stuff” so that additional accumulation is unnecessary and done ...

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A clash of titans over hydrofracking (access required)

A recent New York case, Wallach v. Town of Dryden, illustrates a deep schism in conflicting public attitudes over energy and local governments’ regulation of land use. The case involved the authority of an upstate town to prohibit “hydrofracking” by ...

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