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Joining sustainable energy with construction planning (access required)

On Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, one of the first health care buildings in the country to use “performance-based procurement” has begun to take shape. Performance-based procurement makes energy efficiency a priority in planning new buildings. In the case of ...

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A Q & A with Steve Freeman: How sustainable is your furniture? (access required)

Several years ago, a group of furniture manufacturers created the Sustainable Furnishings Council to promote an environmental ethos in the industry and to encourage the use of green materials. Among the founders of the North Carolina-based organization was Golden Valley, ...

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Recycling of organic matter goes mainstream (access required)

After finishing meals in one of the four cafes of Boston Scientific’s sprawling campus in Arden Hills, employees face four bins where they dutifully separate the remains of their trays. Colorful signs depict which items should go into the two ...

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A look at LEED’s new v4 standards (access required)

While v4 sounds like a new energy drink guaranteed to keep you active and awake, it actually refers to the latest version of LEED, and it may require a bit of caffeine to study all the major and minor changes. ...

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