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New salary survey mostly good news

After several years of bad news for the legal profession, this year, things may be looking up, in large part because of the economy. You may say it’s the economy stupid, but part of the problem also has been a ...

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Time’s a-wasting – and here’s how to change that

The biggest single time management and productivity killer is distractions. Interruptions, email, multitasking and a dozen other different distractions cause significant loss of productivity, which translates to lost money. And, the bigger problem is not the distraction itself, which could ...

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Obama’s patent troll crackdown gets mixed reviews (access required)

Patent trolls beware: President Barack Obama has you in his sights and he wants to stop you. The Obama administration announced five executive actions and seven legislative proposals aimed at tightening patent rules and stopping “patent assertion entities” from claims ...

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