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LinkedIn and Twitter are valuable business tools (access required)

Some professionals are still reluctant or skeptical about the use of social media as part of their marketing strategies. Overuse and misuse of the various tools can be problematic, but the benefits of effective use of social media far exceed ...

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Lessons on Logos (access required)

Do logos matter? I have had many opportunities to work with diverse organizations over the years to help them develop logos and logo identity systems to define, illustrate, and grow their brands. One memorable one was for Sinai Hospital. From ...

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Hiring, with a marketing touch (access required)

True story: A soon-to-be Ph.D. in an in-demand tech field was recently interviewed for a summer job by two of the major West Coast-based international tech companies. Each hosts a large summer internship program as essentially a “road test” of ...

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Get to know Gen Z (access required)

College admissions offices are already aggressively changing recruiting tactics to appeal to Gen Zs. Randstad North America is already advising employers how to manage the soon-to-be Gen Z-infused workforce. So who are Gen Zs and why are they starting to ...

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Stay on top of trends in website design (access required)

Designing and launching an award-winning website, or even a functional one, does not allow you to rest on your laurels. With the shift towards mobile views and the still significant importance of search engine optimization, sites need to have content, ...

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