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Electing for more voting security (access required)

The past year has brought higher attention to voting system security, especially after the FBI determined two state election databases were hacked by foreigners. The use of outdated voting equipment across the U.S. presents serious security and reliability challenges, according ...

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A mobile concern: Blending security with convenience (access required)

Mobility in business means convenience, but it also creates a major security concern for corporations and businesses in the U.S. With more and more organizations using remote workers and mobile offices, security weakens if the potential threat of malicious attacks ...

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State legislatures are paying more attention to cybersecurity (access required)

As the use of internet technology continues to grow across the globe, so do the attempts to access devices through spam, invasive viruses, hacking and other criminal activities. In turn, federal and state laws are created to keep computers, personal ...

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Teaching for the real world: Cyber job demand grows and colleges respond (access required)

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education recently released an interactive job supply and demand map that showed Maryland, New York and Virginia were among the eight states with the highest demand for cybersecurity jobs, and across the country, nearly 350,000 ...

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Social media pros are in high demand (access required)

Megan Stoll got into social media management while “tirelessly trying to find full-time work” during the Great Recession. “I knew I was good at it and it didn’t interrupt my search for a more permanent position somewhere, so it made ...

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