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Commentary: Riding the rate waves

By Tim Cleary The tumultuous construction and real estate markets of late may soon affect companies’ insurance rates – a phenomenon that’s already apparent in some sectors. Many foresee the property and casualty insurance markets entering a hardening cycle, which ...

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Students seek to reverse cultural and historical depletion (access required)

Economic reforms in China during the last 30 years have generated significant and steady opportunities for growth in investment, consumption and standard of living in China. Part of the growth is due to an increased state investment in infrastructure. But ...

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Estate Planning: Not just for the ‘Rich Folks’ anymore (access required)

Jonathan R. Bauer Whether or not you own your own business, there are many good reasons to create an estate plan. Parents with minor children should choose a guardian for their children (in the event the parents unexpectedly pass away). ...

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Be wary of the documents behind the construction contract (access required)

Adam Richins Contract exhibits can be longer and more complicated than the actual contract. Exhibits commonly contain drawings and specifications, scope of work descriptions, insurance requirements, schedules, confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements, and other important documents. Yet, in far too many ...

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Commentary: Existing land-use violations explained (access required)

Dustin Moyes Dealing with land-use violations, or taking care to avoid them, can be time-consuming and expensive. However, with proper due diligence, patience and cooperation with appropriate officials, the likelihood of a favorable outcome increases. The term “land use” encompasses ...

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Letter to the editor: Assessor sets record straight on training

Dear Editor, I am the 2010 president of the Idaho Association of County Assessors and I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of our association to respond to the guest article written by Nancy Sommerwerck in the May ...

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