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Is there such thing as privacy anymore? (access required)

As a fraud investigator for the past 20 years, I’ve taken advantage of a vast amount of information available through public sources. In most cases, individuals can’t control what personal information is out there. However, it’s becoming routine for people ...

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Blockchain will safeguard the future (access required)

Many people still haven’t heard of blockchain. However, it’s likely you’ll come in contact with it in the very near future or be helped by its capabilities. Many experts in the field of finance and accounting are starting to preach ...

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The dangers of open Wi-Fi (access required)

When you’re away from home or work, it’s become difficult to get through the day without having access to the Internet. Whether you’re checking your email, social media, paying bills or trying to stay connected to the office, access to ...

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Email scams are getting tougher to spot

In the past, it was easy to spot fake and fraudulent emails. However, spammers and con artists have become increasingly more sophisticated in their approach. Accountants and attorneys are now being targeted by more elaborate email schemes. How do you ...

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