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Author Archives: Janice Stevenor Dale

Research leads retail interior trends

New research is yielding data that helps us determine how retailers can best meet shoppers’ emotional and behavioral needs. Preferences change over time, and retail interior design needs to change all the time too. Market changes, such as a growth ...

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An Eichler-inspired mid-century granny flat

Multi-generational family households are making a comeback. Now homeowners are creating a second dwelling unit on their property called an Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU.  In most residential properties, building code allows for it. Whether that unit is separate or ...

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Design reflected Coach Pete’s philosophy in football and in life

Introducing a new coaching regime at a university leaves an indelible mark on sporting and recreational facilities. The incoming coach brings in a team of people, often to affect change: to shake up a program and establish a new philosophy ...

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