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Author Archives: Jeanne Huff

Jeanne Huff is the special sections editor at IBR, editor of Women of the Year, Accomplished Under 40, CEOs of Influence, Money Makers, Leaders in Law, Corporate Guide to Event Planning as well as editor of custom publications including Welcome to Boise, Dining Decisions, Idaho Heartland Living and Travelog.

The Women of the Year event celebrates successful Idaho leaders

Fifty women, along with about 550 friends, family, coworkers, mentors and just plain fans, gathered to celebrate one another’s accomplishments, leadership and community esprit de corps on March 8. There was a red carpet for photo snapping, champagne for toasting ...

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Idaho Business Review launches awards program for experienced execs

The business world is full of successful leaders who deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments. For years, the Idaho Business Review has honored women leaders, those who are at the top of their profession in law and finance, CEOs, ...

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Kelly McMurry, president, The Closet

The only girl of four, and also the youngest by far – her brothers were 9, 12 and 14 years older – Kelly McMurry grew up doted on by her family and was “always a girlie girl,” she says. And, ...

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Debbie Kling, president and CEO, Nampa Chamber of Commerce

Debbie Kling, who has called Idaho home for 26 years, began her life journey in Olathe, Kansas, where she lived for 33 years. “When we first moved here I had a T-shirt that said: Toto, I don’t think we’re in ...

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Billie Johnson, physical design engineer, ON Semiconductor

When lifelong Pocatellan Billie Johnson was young, she wanted to be a motorcycle cop. “It was the time of the TV show CHiPs.” Instead, she went to engineering school. Johnson received her bachelor’s and an MBA at Idaho State University. ...

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Terri Hughes, leadership coach, author, Terri Hughes LLC

When leadership coach and author Terri Hughes finished her first quarter semester in college, she almost stopped right there. “I stayed out too late and came home with grades not so good,” Hughes says. “I thought ‘college isn’t for me.’” ...

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Wendy Hormon, representative, Idaho House of Representatives

photo of wendy horman

When Wendy Horman, mother of five, discovered her children’s art supplies were coming back home unopened and unused, she decided she had to do something about it. So, she started and taught the Fine Arts Mini-Experience (FAME) in Bonneville School ...

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