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Closing the sale – the definitive answers you won’t like

“A.B.C. Always Be Closing.” You may know that line from the infamous sales movie Glengarry Glen Ross where Alex Baldwin plays himself. It’s a throwback sales training line from the 1960s that manifested itself all the way to the ’80s. ...

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You can control your response to adverse situations – with resilience

My tweet today was: “Resilience doesn’t start with experience – it STARTS with attitude – your attitude.” It got more than 100 “re-tweets.” Evidently people understood what I was saying and chose to tell others. But since Twitter only allows ...

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Is there hidden power in math?

When I have more money than I need (which these days seems farther away than it did a few years ago), I want to travel around the world and speak to high school freshmen and sophomores. Ninth and tenth graders. ...

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