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Want a summer intern? Now’s the time to be recruiting

Small business owners who are thinking about hiring summer interns need to get busy — many young people are looking for opportunities now. Many colleges and universities hold job fairs in the winter and early spring. But even if it’s ...

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Beyond social media: Businesses find other ways to advertise

Ryan Knoll thought social media sites like Facebook would be the best places to advertise his brand-new home cleaning service. Then he had an epiphany. “Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. How would that customer go about trying to find ...

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Avoiding a cash crunch when it’s time to pay your taxes (access required)

While many business owners know they’ll owe the government less money or perhaps get refunds under the new tax law, others are still unsure about what they might have to pay while they file their returns. They need to be ...

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You got a bad review online? Some tips on how to handle it (access required)

Negative online reviews may be hard for small businesses to avoid — even companies with many happy customers can get panned. Marketing consultants, who help companies keep a positive image, say owners should never ignore a bad review, and instead ...

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Business owners need to teach staffers about password safety (access required)

It may seem obvious: Companies’ computers, mobile devices and accounts need secure passwords. But many small business owners don’t take the time to educate staffers about these very basic forms of cybersecurity. And staffers may not know that their passwords ...

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Keeping staffers motivated, productive during the holidays (access required)

The holiday season can be a motivation and productivity killer at some small businesses. Staffers may spend time chatting or shopping online, ask to leave early for children’s holiday events or just not be in the mood to work. The ...

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