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Author Archives: Kathleen Driscoll

Manager unsure what to do about disengaged, rude employee

“I took one of my employees out on a meeting at a client site recently and had a really disappointing experience. My employee was texting someone repeatedly on his phone during the meeting. And while that was rude by itself, the ...

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Should a departing manager say goodbye to staffers on Slack?

“I’ve been a manager at a small company that has recently adopted Slack as a communication and project platform. I recently accepted a new opportunity with another company, which I’m excited about. I am wondering, though, about how appropriate it ...

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Successful strategies for managing telecommuters

“Like many, our company is embracing telecommuting more than ever and leaves it up to managers to decide who can take advantage of the policy. Some people on my team are doing it successfully, but we have some new people ...

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Businesses not required to provide cell phones for employees

“In a cost-cutting move, senior management says we will no longer be able to provide cell phones to our employees. From now on, my team will be expected to provide their own phone for work purposes. Is this legal? And ...

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