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The care and feeding of your investors

I have been involved in more than 30 angel investments over the last nine years. Some of those companies have done a superb job interacting with their investors; others a terrible job. If you take capital from investors, you have ...

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Plan for exit when you start a company

Everyone who starts a company will need an exit one day. No one can work forever; at some time you will want to (or have to) retire and/or your investors will want to sell their stock. An exit is how ...

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Governance in early-stage ventures (access required)

Most angels spend a lot of effort deciding whether or not to make an investment. Most entrepreneurs devote a lot of time to raising capital. But frequently, neither gives much thought to post-investment governance. Governance is the means by which ...

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Collaboration is happening in Boise

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Last month, the Idaho Business Review published an opinion piece by my friend, Marc Johnson, about the Greater Boise Auditorium District. With the upcoming election for seats on the district board, and with a renewed focus on the potential use ...

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