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In search of more skilled workers

Hundreds of apprentices participated in graduation ceremonies this past spring. For many it was the end of a very long journey. They represent the last of a crop of workers who boldly entered the construction industry at its lowest point. ...

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Safe workplaces don’t happen by accident

I once heard a contractor say that safety starts at the top. His point was that safety is not a grassroots initiative. Companies with the best safety records do so by making it a priority from the very top and ...

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Take a shot at planning for the future

Does the company you work for or own hold an annual planning session or retreat? Do you write down a list of goals, action items and maybe even some performance measures for the coming year? If so, what do you ...

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Contractors, set your goals for 2014

I am a list person. I don’t mean that I just casually sit down and make a “to do” list each day. No, if you’ve ever stepped foot in my office, you have seen two giant whiteboards filled with goals, ...

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