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Artisans 4 Hope

I sometimes fantasize about being retired. Since I’m knee-deep in raising little people right now, the reality of getting up and doing what I want to do, versus what needs to be done, is a long way off. But when ...

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Daughter brings antique home to mom – a dictionary

My 8-year-old daughter came home from school last week thrilled beyond words about her latest treasure: a dictionary. We spent over an hour filling out an extra credit assignment. We found how far the planet Saturn is from the Sun. ...

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Foothills footsoldiers repair fire damage to hillside and to morale

The end of this month will mark the one year anniversary of the day I thought we would lose our home.  You may not remember but I won’t forget the fire that whipped through the foothills above Eagle last July, ...

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Here’s an education on education

In my house, my husband and I joke we don’t save money for our kids to go to college someday, we save money for the therapy they’ll need as adults! Even though our children have years before they’ll be in ...

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