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Author Archives: Marc Johnson

Equality and diversity make hard-headed business sense

On the list of the Fortune 1000 you’ll find some of the greatest names in the world of business, but you’ll also find that only 46 of those companies on have a woman in the office of CEO. The reality ...

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Out of sight, but important

For a state that hates government so much, Idaho sure has a lot of it. Idahoans have single-purpose districts for airports and hospitals, sewer systems and mosquito abatement. Idaho has government “closest to the people” to handle fires, irrigation, highways, ...

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Higher ed, lower expectations

Idaho is about to lose another high-value educational asset. The loss is coming in part, I suspect, because the state has engaged in prolonged and systematic disinvestment in education at all levels, and higher education has been particularly hard hit. ...

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Lessons from Lincoln

First the obvious: Steven Spielberg’s film Lincoln is a modern masterpiece and just maybe the best film about politics ever made. Daniel Day-Lewis once again establishes himself as film’s finest living actor. Before Day-Lewis’ Lincoln, every film version of the ...

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Takeaways from the election

Five initial takeaways from the voting yesterday: 1) In Idaho the controversial effort by top GOP leaders to “reform” education received an old-fashioned whipping – a historic whipping – at the polls. Not since 1982 – when then-Democratic state Rep. ...

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Nary a word about the real problem

Former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson has one message in his post-Senate life as a truth teller about the nation’s fiscal health. Simpson is preaching the gospel of budget and tax reform to anyone who will listen. Unfortunately the candidates for ...

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