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It’s time for a $1 trillion national infrastructure bank (access required)

As the new year begins, Congress should place high on its order of business enactment of a 10-year, $1 trillion national infrastructure act. It should provide investment capital to renew, rebuild and harden the nation’s transportation, water and wastewater, energy ...

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States are racing to catch up to autonomous vehicle technology (access required)

The Oregon Legislature has established a task force to make recommendations for regulating operations of autonomous vehicles (AVs) on state roadways. Composed of government, industry and consumer stakeholders, the task force is to report in September on policies and rules ...

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Machine-assisted consensus building in the age of AI (access required)

The challenges of making decisions in the face of globalization, Big Data, growing stakeholder diversity, and blurred boundaries created by multiple goal complexity is compelling forward-looking organizations to emphasize consensus when making important decisions. John Keith, co-founder of Portland-based Lucid, ...

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Autonomous long-haul trucking is barreling toward us (access required)

While most public attention is focused upon self-driving cars, use of autonomous technologies for interstate trucking seems poised to play a bigger and more immediate role in reordering the nation’s roadways. With long-haul trucking delivering nearly 70 percent of goods ...

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