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Local governments a growing target for cyberattacks (access required)

A major cyberattack on the city of Atlanta, Georgia in March shut down city computers for five days, exposing critical vulnerabilities in the government system. Just days later, Baltimore was hit with a separate ransomware attack that required 911 dispatchers ...

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Research: Women investors more willing to think long-term (access required)

Research has found that women often out-perform men when it comes to investment returns. The reason: women are more willing to think long-term and will make educated decisions. An analysis of more than 8 million clients in 2016 by Fidelity ...

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Electronic medical records proving a boon and a burden (access required)

Ordering a test at a hospital used to mean sending a paper order through a pneumatic tube and waiting for it to arrive at the laboratory. Now, physicians can order tests with a single click. As a result, inpatient length ...

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