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Author Archives: Michelle Hicks

A healthier normal: unplugging from technology

Information overload is threatening organizational productivity from the C-suite down. From the Harvard Business Review to McKinsey Quarterly, leadership and organizational experts are not only raising red flags about the need for a disciplined approach to receiving information organization-wide, they ...

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N.J. governor balances work and life in the 21st century

Late last month, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took a lot of flak for leaving for a family vacation in sunny Disney World when his state experienced a massive snowstorm. Critics charged the governor of being derelict in his duties ...

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Help workers survive the season of burnout

The end of the year is a stressful time for your employees at both work and home. Extra reports might be needed on top of the daily grind to measure end-of-year performance or extra meetings might be scheduled to plot ...

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Google, Microsoft take leap into health care

Over the last year, Americans watched the health care debate and increased their understanding of the country’s health care issues. One piece of the complex health care puzzle is how to empower Americans to be better health care consumers. Employers ...

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As Millennials get inked, how will you respond?

In a recent issue of The New Yorker, musician Elvis Costello said, “I’m in show business. If I want to wear big glasses and a hat, I will.” And he does, bless his heart. But in the non-show business world, ...

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Explaining the total value of workers’ ‘hidden paychecks’

A number of HR executives are struggling to make their pay-for-performance systems relevant to managers and employees as merit budgets that shrunk during the recession have yet to recover. In lieu of meaningful performance pay, organizations are seeking new ways ...

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