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Ask Oregon agriculture why we must end the salmon wars

This week, the Bureau of Reclamation released the Klamath Project 2021 Temporary Operations Plan, which was developed in response to consecutive years of drought conditions in the Klamath Basin. Decisions were made to use the limited water to assist the ...

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Listening to my constituents on the Columbia Basin Initiative

Recently I met with county commissioners from Twin Falls, Gooding, Shoshone, Lincoln, Jerome and Minidoka, and I was able to discuss my Columbia Basin Initiative to address ending the perennial lawsuits, creating certainty for agriculture and salmon recovery. I was ...

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Creating certainty, security for Idaho’s grain producers

A few weeks ago, I released a comprehensive concept to resolve the salmon, energy and dam issues that have created tension in the Northwest for decades.  It is meant to provide security for all stakeholders, end lawsuits and give Idaho’s ...

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Litigation can’t revitalize our economy or salmon

The process of developing and rolling out a big idea like my Pacific Northwest economic revitalization and salmon recovery package is never easy or pretty. Messaging a comprehensive package that touches virtually every segment of Idaho’s economy, and in particular ...

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Simpson makes case for dam-breaching proposal

Recently I released for discussion a concept that could end the Northwest salmon wars.  It would lock in a more certain future for agriculture, energy, transportation and communities and also give Idaho’s wild salmon and steelhead their best chance for ...

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