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Author Archives: Nicole Black

Disaster-proof your law firm

According the American Bar Association’s 2013 Legal Technology Survey results, 58 percent of lawyers surveyed cited security concerns as the top reason that prevented them from using cloud computing in their law practices. The problem is, the current file storage ...

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Six must-have apps for every lawyer’s new iPad

You received exactly what you’d asked for this holiday season, and now you’re holding a shiny, new iPad in your hands. Now what? How do you figure out which apps to download to help to make you a more effective, ...

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Use your head when mining social media for evidence

Mining social media for evidence to support a case is all the rage these days. That’s because lawyers are finally comprehending the popularity and vast reach of social media. As a result, attorneys are quickly realizing that social media has ...

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The latest in Android apps for lawyers

If you’re a lawyer who loves Android devices but you haven’t yet figured out which apps will help you in your law practice, you’re in luck! Here are some great Android apps that will help you to stay on top ...

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