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To sue a former employee or not: It’s a tough decision (access required)

The decision of whether to sue an ex-employee who has taken or is using company information requires consideration of a number of factors. Suing and seeking injunctive relief may be the only choice If the departing employee was an important ...

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Alternatives to non-compete agreements (access required)

Historically, many employers required executives, managers, sales personnel, technical staffers, and other important employees to execute a non-compete agreement restricting them from working for a competitor. However, other alternatives available to employers may accomplish similar objectives with less risk. Non-competes ...

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When employees leave with trade secrets

If there is reasonable suspicion that an employee may take confidential or trade secret information belonging to an employer at the time of separation – whether voluntary or involuntary – then the employer should take immediate action in order to ...

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Don’t forget federal law protecting company computers

Many companies are concerned how to protect their electronically stored information and prevent it from being accessed, altered or deleted by unauthorized individuals. In some cases, these “hackers” can be the company’s own employees: Either during employment or on their ...

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