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Make politics local again!

Why vote? Why bother, especially in “odd-year” elections like this one, when local candidates and issues are the only items on the ballot? People used to say, “All politics is local,” but in fact, voting participation rates keep dropping, especially ...

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‘Why Are You Afraid of a Vote?’

Those were the words of one of the sponsors of HB217, which passed out of committee last week, on to the full Idaho House of Representatives. The bill would further restrict the Local Economic Development Act, the main funding tool ...

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Multifamily housing: More choices lead to stronger communities

A bumper sticker from the ‘70s reads, “Houses: everybody gets one before anybody gets two.” Many people are lucky enough to take housing for granted, even two or three of them. But as communities grow and become more desirable, the ...

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Do No Harm: Adaptive reuse in healthcare construction

Buildings that are designed and built well can be valuable long after their original intended use is over. More than just a collection of wood, stone, steel and glass, a good building has an intention of exceeding a basic utilitarian ...

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