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Author Archives: Shannon Paterson

Ben Nelson, senior vice president, D.L. Evans Bank in Burley

  Some people are lucky enough to know what they want to do at a young age. For Ben Nelson, it was banking. But it wasn’t until he landed a job as a part-time teller at Washington Mutual Bank in ...

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Investment: Raleigh Vachek

Raleigh Vachek has always had a passion for motivating and inspiring others. As a kid, she thought she might like to follow in her parents’ footsteps and become a coach. She doesn’t work in athletics today, but interpersonal skills are ...

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Professional: Josh Tyree

Josh Tyree, a certified public accountant and partner at Harris & Co. PLLC, makes a point to always remember how lucky he is. That doesn’t mean he’s had it easy. After struggling with ulcerative colitis for many years as a ...

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Banking: Tony Wheelwright

Tony Wheelwright has always entertained the idea of owning a small business. Thanks to his job as a commercial lender, he can live vicariously through his clients, many of whom are entrepreneurs. “Every day I come in, it’s something different. ...

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Banking: John Williamson

photo of john williamson

John Williamson will never forget his father’s words as they stood looking at his grandfather’s gravestone. He was a teenager at the time, just beginning to forge his own future. “He said: ‘Never let anyone tell you you don’t take ...

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Jack Gustavel: Banking on it

Jack Gustavel’s parents thought he should be a dentist. Gustavel was not convinced. “My brother (Terry) did go on to be a prominent dentist in Boise. I went to school and found out that wasn’t for me, so I switched ...

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Patricia M. Olsson, partner and shareholder, Moffatt Thomas (access required)

Pat Olsson is one of the most accomplished trial lawyers in the Pacific Northwest, but insists that at heart, she is a storyteller. For her, every case is an opportunity to learn and advocate for her clients’ best interests. “They’re ...

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