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Sharon Fisher is an Idaho Business Review staff writer, covering financial institutions, technology, and business development. She holds a bachelor of science in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a masters in public administration and graduate certificates in geographic informational analysis and in community and regional planning from Boise State University. She likes explaining things and going to meetings. Join me on Twitter at @IBR_SLFisher.

Water outlook good despite below-normal snowfall (access required)

This winter, opinions on the water year so far depend on where in Idaho you are. In northern Idaho, precipitation is above normal, while in southern Idaho, it’s below normal. But reservoirs should have enough to provide a normal water ...

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Idaho’s January revenues come in above forecast (access required)

Good economic news for Idaho continued in January, according to the monthly Idaho General Fund Revenue Report, produced by the Division of Financial Management in the governor’s office. January General Fund collections were $449.2 million, or $87.1 million above the ...

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Committee passes minimum wage break for family businesses (access required)

Businesses wishing to hire immediate family members under the same below-minimum wage exemption that farms enjoy are one step closer to their goal. A bill promoting it was passed by the Idaho Legislature’s House Business committee with two dissenting votes. ...

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OPE report slams state nursing home survey team (access required)

After a report harshly critical of the Idaho state nursing home survey team, the division responsible said it is working to address concerns. “A dysfunctional work environment in the nursing home survey team at the Division of Licensing and Certification ...

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Idaho House takes step toward repealing Unfair Sales Act (access required)

If you’ve ever bought a gallon of milk on sale, you could be a scofflaw. But the legal sale of items below cost has moved one step closer. Idaho’s Unfair Sales Act outlaws sales of items below cost. There have ...

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