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Employee engagement means connection and community (access required)

Employers are learning that building solid relationships with their workers, not just their customers, is the key to keeping employees involved and excited about their jobs. The word for this two-way relationship is engagement. Business units in the top quartile ...

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At some workplaces, cafeteria lunch is a perk (access required)

If “company cafeteria” conjures up an image of mystery meat and steam tables, you’re out of date. Many company cafeterias today stress healthy choices, and they promote their lunchtime options as an employee benefit. Albertsons’ Boise Café includes a wok ...

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WELL Building Standard aims to improve worker sleep, fitness (access required)

You may have heard of “sick buildings,” but one organization has designed a specification and certification intended to produce “well buildings,” or buildings intended to improve the health of the people living and working in them. Similar to LEED (Leadership ...

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Business on the go changes the shape of the workspace (access required)

In movies from the 1950s and 1960s, work environments are cookie-cutter: Rows and rows of typewriters, without even any walls separating people, and then offices with windows and closed doors for executives. But as work has gotten more flexible and ...

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Workplace culture can play a big role in hiring (access required)

Organizations known for having a good company culture say it’s important to focus on and value employees because that made them more productive and more likely to stay with the company, reducing the expense and inefficiency of employee turnover. “People ...

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Idaho’s noncompete law bucks a national trend (access required)

It’s too soon to tell what effect a recent change in Idaho’s noncompete law will have, but detractors worry it will make Idaho less competitive in the entrepreneurial marketplace. The bill, H0487, was passed this spring by the Idaho Legislature ...

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With digital records, HR departments can collect valuable data (access required)

While human resources departments traditionally run on paper – from job applications to timesheets – increasingly, companies are considering solutions that let them store the information electronically. Nationwide and worldwide consulting firms have encouraged corporations to replace paper-based human resources ...

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Single-specialty ambulatory surgery centers are on the rise (access required)

While people tend to think of hospitals for treating sick people, especially those who require surgery, some common conditions are increasingly being treated in outpatient centers specializing in a particular area of the body. An example of such a center ...

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Hospitals hard at work on renovations, expansions (access required)

A survey earlier this year on hospital construction indicated that Idaho is on track with the rest of the nation when it comes to trends in this area. These include more emphasis on patient satisfaction, as well as moving from ...

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