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For developers, industrial revenue bonds are a useful tool (access required)

Woodgrain Millwork’s Nampa plant, including the new building at bottom right. The Industrial Development Corp. of Canyon County issued $7.54 million and $3.7 million in industrial development revenue bonds last year to Woodgrain Millwork to expand its Nampa facilities.  Photo courtesy of Woodgrain Doors, a Woodgrain Millwork company.

They have limitations, but in the cases where they’re appropriate, industrial revenue bonds, or IRBs, can be a useful part of the economic development toolbox. IRBs – also known as industrial development bonds, industrial development revenue bonds, or economic development ...

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Darrel Anderson: Power Charger

Darrell Anderson-1

“Power” has many definitions – nearly 20, according to Merriam-Webster. Consequently, it’s not surprising that when you think “Idaho Power,” it can mean many things. But with great power comes great responsibility, and nobody is more aware of that than ...

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Brad Wiskirchen: Highflying achiever in Idaho technology

Brad Wiskirchen

Kount is not what you’d call a household name. Though it holds a fistful of awards for innovation, chances are you’ve never heard of it. At the same time, if you buy things online, you’ve probably used it. “Let’s say ...

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Caldwell looks for population growth to follow mixed-use development (access required)

After spending millions reimagining its downtown, Caldwell is missing only one thing: The people. But the city is hoping that a forthcoming mixed-use development will help with that. “The goal is to revitalize downtown,” said Keri Smith-Sigman, economic development specialist ...

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Mixed use is fundamental to Boise’s comprehensive plan (access required)

The Afton apartment building planned for Eighth and River streets. Rendering courtesy of Michael Hormaechea.

Mixed use is fundamental to the comprehensive plan in Idaho’s largest city. “Our comp plan is all about trying to create an urban environment where people have choices, the ability to get around, different forms of transportation, and convenience in ...

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Community support can make or break a mixed-use project (access required)

The Beardmore in Priest River. Photo courtesy of Idaho Smart Growth.

While several rural Idaho cities have turned to mixed-use developments in the hope of revitalizing the downtowns, they aren’t a panacea. The success of a mixed-use development is tied to how successful the city itself is, said Deanna Smith, program ...

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Planners say mixed use is healthier (access required)

Downtown Boise pedestrians. Public health groups say mixed-use development that encourages walking

Organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and the Urban Land Institute encourage mixed-use development as a means of improving health. “Residents of mixed-use livable communities with transit options weigh less, are more physically active, and experience less chronic ...

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Carrie Westergard, executive director, Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau (access required)

Carrie Westergard crop

They’ve been living together for two years, but the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce finally tied the knot in November, merging the two nonprofit organizations. Operationally, the organization will be similar to the ...

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Carole Skinner, president, The Flicks in Boise (access required)

Carole Skinner crop

If you saw it in a movie, you’d roll your eyes: A boy and girl go on a blind date. He asks her what she’d do if she could do anything she wanted. She tells him she’d open an art ...

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