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Blam Design aids Community House (access required)

Boise firm Blam Design recently helped raise awareness for Friends of Community House by creating a new brand identity for the Boise-based organization and campaigning for a fund-raising event to aid the group. Blam Design created posters for a two-day ...

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To what extent is gender still an issue in business? (access required)

As a female aerospace engineer, I have always been outnumbered by men in my working environment. While I have gotten used to being the only female in the room, I have never liked it. Even more disturbing to me is ...

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Condo bldg. planned for downtown site in Boise (access required)

By Steve Martin IDAHO BUSINESS REVIEW Construction of another 45 to 50 residential condominiums could begin this winter in downtown Boise if its developers have their way. Developer Bill Clark said late last month that he plans to file an ...

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What's your favorite website and why? (access required)

My favorite site is www.google.com. Without the ability to search, the World Wide Web would be fairly limited. Being able to search billions of websites in a matter of seconds, to find even the most obscure topics, has changed the ...

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Do you think Idaho should have a science and technology license plate? (access required)

I personally do not think we need a “science and technology” plate.&#160I think we have ample Idaho license plates. And if we start having plates regarding employment areas, when will it stop? I think the license plate should represent what ...

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What would happen if Micron went somewhere else to expand? (access required)

I think Micron expanding overseas would have a negative effect on Idaho’s economy sooner than we think. As a real estate agent, I see a direct link between when Micron is stable and doing well and when there is uncertainty, ...

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How do you feel about the economic outlook? (access required)

While almost every designer I know is extremely busy, it seems as if clients are cautiously optimistic. Many of the residential clientele are remodeling rather than going with new construction due to the skyrocketing costs just in the last year ...

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