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The three taxes

There has been interest in the question of which states tax what, and whether Idaho should do away with the income tax and increase the sales tax to compensate. There are those that would argue for the reduction of all ...

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Tax equality

All taxpayers are created equal – but that is as far as equality goes. Classes of taxpayers, such as homeowners, farm land, business, utilities, etc. must be taxed the same within each class. Some inequities exist within the classes, within ...

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Personal property tax is bad public policy

Arguably, no tax is fair. “We the People” expect an orderly society with essential services that reflect our collective view of societal propriety and keep us safe and mobile. Of all the taxes collected, none is more unfair than the ...

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Inside Out: The homeowner’s exemption law

Novice political office seekers often make promises they can’t possibly keep or they voice conclusions based more on what they want to be true rather than on what data dictates. Such statements, made from the campaign stump, add to a ...

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Stop smirking, Grandpa

With great fondness I remember the facial expressions of my grandfather. I remember also that I often could not interpret their meaning. Time, and the Legislature, is teaching me that when grandpa witnessed follies he also had a remarkable view ...

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