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With so much at stake, it pays to pay attention (access required)

Chances are Mark Twain did not have the Idaho Legislature in mind when he reportedly said, “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” Yet lying underneath the humorist’s axiom is this kernel of ...

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Care about the future of the construction industry? Then vote. (access required)

For the hardworking men and women in the construction industry the vast array of agencies, officials and regulations that make up government – and the elections that come along with it – is not a priority. For some, government is ...

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Construction workers wanted: quality education required

A strong construction industry fuels a healthy economy, providing high-paying jobs and promising career options for young people. Well-paid workers spend money on homes, furniture, cars, and services – just about everything. This “multiplier effect” further advances the economy and ...

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