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Pitfalls for design businesses amid promotion on the internet (access required)

The internet has been both a blessing and a curse to architects and engineers. Design businesses’ websites have evolved from clunky, text-heavy pages in the early days into visual artistic expressions of their own. For a potential client, a firm’s ...

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Standard form construction contracts: uses and misuses (access required)

Standard form construction contracts are ubiquitous in the industry and for good reason. They are cost-effective, the terms have been vetted over years of drafting and redrafting – and through court challenges – and most property owners, design professionals and ...

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Know which construction documents to keep and which to toss (access required)

The promise of the “paperless office” is a bust. In reality, the ease by which documents are created has caused files to explode in volume, both in paper and in electronic format. And since those documents are easily disseminated, multiple ...

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Contractor house of horrors: What to do when subs go bad

I recently received a call from a general contractor and client with an all-too-common question: “I just had a subcontractor show up on site and tell me, ‘I’m going out of business and won’t finish the job.’ What do I ...

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