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We’re not hiring

It’s now been nearly four years since the debt bubble burst in the fall of 2008. According to the government and its economists, the economy is growing, but we’re still seeing unemployment hovering in the 9 percent range. Economists have ...

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Is it time to rethink your strategy?

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy Helmuth von Moltke, the Elder, a 19th-century German Field Marshal, penned that phrase sometime in the mid 1800s as he led one of many battles in Europe. The line has been badly ...

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Two things I learned from having Mark Cuban as an investor

How’s that for some name dropping? Got your attention, though, right? It’s true, however. In 2003, I joined an Internet company and quickly worked my way up to the COO position. It was a small company so the path was ...

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