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Planners value downtown areas, and it shows (access required)

Caldwell’s Indian Creek has served as the focus of Caldwell Mayor Garrett Nancolas’ downtown renewal efforts. Nancolas, who has been mayor since 1998, garnered community support to uncover Indian Creek, which had flowed under asphalt parking lots and buildings for decades. With the creek as an anchor, the city then started planning two major projects, the Indian Creek Plaza and Trolley Square. Construction on those is expected to be completed in fall 2017. Photo by Pete Grady.

Idaho’s largest cities are showing new life. Downtowns across the country were largely abandoned in the 1960s and 1970s. Some slowly started making their way back in the 1980s, and others got a new look from planners in the 2000s ...

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FDA tweaks food safety rules due next year

farm cropped

The government will rewrite sweeping new food safety rules after farmers complained that earlier proposals could hurt business, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday. The FDA’s new proposals would allow farmers to meet water quality standards more easily and ...

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Where creativity and economic development meet


The arts and business work closely together. Both test the envelope of human creativity, intellect, energy and promise. Both seek to motivate, to produce, to achieve excellence, to grow and to unite. For many businesses, sponsorship of the arts is ...

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Guidelines for retention, destruction of client files

Constance Vecchione

The question of how long lawyers need to keep closed client files is a frequent source of inquiries to the Office of Bar Counsel. The questions come not only from active or retired lawyers seeking to dispose of old files, ...

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Disaster-proof your law firm

Nicole Black

According the American Bar Association’s 2013 Legal Technology Survey results, 58 percent of lawyers surveyed cited security concerns as the top reason that prevented them from using cloud computing in their law practices. The problem is, the current file storage ...

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Health care reform and the 60 day repayment rule

John Olson

As most are aware, the federal government, primarily through its Medicare program that pays healthcare costs of America’s seniors, is the preeminent payer of healthcare in the United States. In addition, Medicaid, as administered by the Idaho Department of Health ...

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Ageism not the remedy to attorney overpopulation

Ed Poll

It has become a maxim that there are too many lawyers and that there is ongoing softness in demand for legal services. (Parenthetically, I disagree; there is, in fact, a dislocation between the supply and the demand for specific legal ...

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Take time with four ‘standard’ contract terms (access required)

Tamara Boeck

No one doubts the adage “time is money,” particularly in bringing construction projects on-line on time and on budget. Spend any time within spitting distance of a project and you’ll instantly feel the vibe; the crush of time pressures affects ...

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Fire safety could be a selling point for homes


With snow in the mountains and Treasure Valley temperatures in the soggy range, mid-winter is a down time of sorts for firefighters. But the spring construction season is a good time to start preparing for fires. If the past is ...

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