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The stress-free law practice

Many of you saw the headline of this column and thought one of two things: “That is absolutely impossible” or “Yes, I want that.” I am fairly certain that a completely stress-free law practice is not possible, any more than ...

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An agricultural policy issue that matters to Idaho banks

The Idaho Supreme Court will soon consider a case involving an issue that may have significant consequences for the agricultural industry. The purpose of this article is to consider the public policy implications that are at the heart of the ...

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Getting to the heart of long-term investment returns

John Bogle, the founder and former CEO of Vanguard, uses just three charts to illuminate 100 years of market history and demonstrate some fundamental truths about investment returns. He manages to separate what matters from what doesn’t in the long ...

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Social media ‘score cards’ are improving

One of the great things about Idaho, in general, and Boise, in particular, is how easy it is to find someone who is connected to someone you’d like to know. This makes networking relatively easy, compared to what it’s like ...

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Collaboration saves time and money

Economic growth doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Support in the critical areas of health, education and financial independence serves as a springboard to success, not only for individuals, but throughout our valley’s economic landscape as well. Businesses are uniting with ...

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Is doing it by the numbers always right?

Years ago, when I managed a company in the food industry, I met with a retail buyer who pulled out his computer analysis of how quickly products moved through his billing system. He made the criticism that my company’s products ...

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Higher ed, lower expectations

Idaho is about to lose another high-value educational asset. The loss is coming in part, I suspect, because the state has engaged in prolonged and systematic disinvestment in education at all levels, and higher education has been particularly hard hit. ...

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Idaho contractors underuse SBA bond guarantees

For small construction companies, obtaining bonding can be a daunting task. If you’re having a hard time securing bid, performance or payment bonds, the U.S. Small Business Administration may have a solution. The SBA’s Surety Bond Guarantee program recently increased ...

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