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Law firms are at high risk of embezzlement

One would think morally flexible job seekers would avoid any industry where the business owners socialize with judges and read legal journals for fun. Surprisingly, law firms are favored targets of both experienced and novice embezzlers. Although all types of ...

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Is it time to rethink your strategy?

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy Helmuth von Moltke, the Elder, a 19th-century German Field Marshal, penned that phrase sometime in the mid 1800s as he led one of many battles in Europe. The line has been badly ...

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Use credit strategically as the recovery gains strength

The significant tightening of business credit brought by the recession has begun to lift, with a recent analysis of FDIC data by the Investigative Reporting Workshop finding five straight quarters of increasing overall commercial and industrial lending by banks. As ...

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Stop smirking, Grandpa

With great fondness I remember the facial expressions of my grandfather. I remember also that I often could not interpret their meaning. Time, and the Legislature, is teaching me that when grandpa witnessed follies he also had a remarkable view ...

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Getting the kinks out

Imagine a nice piece of lumber – strong and dry, ready to be of service in any construction project. It’s strong, and it will be strong every day. Good ol’ reliable lumber. Now cut that lumber on an angle and ...

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Smarter spending on public education

Regardless of our race, income or political ideology, we all want Boise to have the best public schools. A quality public education is critical to the success of our children and our economy. But too often, the debate on public ...

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Check employees’ criminal pasts at your own risk

A company that conducts criminal background checks on applicants or current employees may be at risk of a discrimination claim. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently announced a $3.13 million settlement based on its finding that an employer’s criminal background ...

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The elevator pitch for every professional

Imagine you’re standing in an elevator with another person who could be your next big client or investor. You’re asked, “What do you do?” Quick—in just a few seconds, what do you say? Do you stutter through, sounding unenthusiastic and ...

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For firms, sustainability isn’t simple

I recently co-led a workshop on strategic sustainability planning. The participants worked with organizations that understood that sustainability is important. Their challenge was how to turn the desire for sustainability into a plan for the future. While these organizations had ...

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