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Reagan’s limited influence and myth

On July 17, 1984 President Ronald Reagan greatly expanded the federal government when he signed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, which required individual states to raise the minimum drinking age to 21 or forfeit 10 percent of ...

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America is too complacent

As I see it, the world changed and Rome did not. As Americans, we still don’t know how to react to a changing world. America, not Rome, is too complacent. Rome’s dominance merely faded as barbarians fleeing Attila crossed the ...

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Pay for pay-for-performance program

While other states have implemented merit pay programs, they’ve done so in significantly different ways than Idaho. To begin, the Denver Public School applied for and received $22.67 million over five years from the United States Department of Education’s Teacher ...

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Here’s an education on education

In my house, my husband and I joke we don’t save money for our kids to go to college someday, we save money for the therapy they’ll need as adults! Even though our children have years before they’ll be in ...

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Cost come first: How Idaho forsook its future

Idaho is suing the federal government because it finds health care mandates unconstitutional. Strange, then, that the same anti-government state seeks to implement a mandate for online classes in our high schools under its Students Come First education plan. While ...

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A tale of the wolf tracks (access required)

I’ve always thought the children’s Fable, Little Red Riding Hood was much too violent to read to my girls right before we expect them to close their eyes and drift off peacefully to sleep. But at least it has what ...

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The state of the State of the Union

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson changed the delivery time of the State of the Union from mid-afternoon to 9 p.m., in order to attract a larger television audience. Of course, between President Jefferson and President Wilson – approximately a hundred ...

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