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What – no trust in government?

A recent Pew Research Center poll indicated there is little trust in government solving our problems. Not since the shocking news that college students have more sex in coed dorms has such data rocked our sensibilities. According to the Pew ...

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Revolution is not a Tea Party

Dear Idaho Tea Party, Congratulations on your April 15 demonstration at the statehouse. As a former radical from back in the bad old days of the Vietnam War, I have to congratulate you for proving that protest and patriotism are ...

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Leaving Ada, with permission of course

Leaving Boise City for the mountains of nearby Garden Valley seemed like a good plan, and easy enough. Sell, buy, move. However, as a very small business owner, me only, I overlooked one thing – I didn’t get permission to ...

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Promises and perils of furloughs (access required)

It seems like a magic bullet. Out of payroll money? Just furlough some folks and the money comes back to you. That is the University of Idaho’s plan, and they are not alone. For many of us a couple of ...

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Cultivating a preference for Idaho

In last week’s blog I suggested that the Tea Party movement take on the cause of wresting control of our nation’s food supply from the forces of Big Government farm policy and return us to a more balanced and sustainable ...

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3 steps to improving sales on your Web

Improving sales on your Web site is actually really simple. It’s a three step formula I have been focusing on and working towards: The number of customers (your marketing) X your average transaction (increase this with upsells and cross sells) ...

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Why I’m joining the Tea Baggers

I know my faithful Idaho Business Review readers (thanks again, Mom) must be reading this blog title and double-checking the byline to be sure which “Michael” this is. Yep, it’s really me, folks. I’ve seen the error of my leftist-leaning, ...

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