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Small firms and the small-business challenge

It has become conventional wisdom in this country that small businesses are the real engine of economic growth and job creation. The typical examples are the tech startup that becomes a global giant or the small service provider that ultimately ...

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Unpaid internships pose hazards for employers

The summer internship season may be winding down, but a recent federal court decision serves as a reminder that using unpaid interns any time of the year can be risky to for-profit employers. In Glatt v. Fox Searchlight Pictures Inc., ...

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Whereas, you should try to avoid legalese

We’re lawyers. Collectively, we’ve been trained for decades to write words that never appear in conversation. Words like “wherefore” and “herein,” as well as phrases like “notwithstanding the foregoing.” The problem is that these documents are generally meant to be ...

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Create content once, multiply visibility by 5

Developing informative, rich content is a solid approach to positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field. Successfully sharing your compelling content is the critical next step necessary for competing in today’s crowded legal marketplace. Sounds straightforward enough. But ...

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A collection policy to avoid write-downs

A firm’s realization rate is fundamental to “The Business of Law.” Realization is simply the percentage of what is billed that is actually collected, and in today’s economy low realization remains the biggest financial problem for most lawyers. A 95 ...

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Don’t forget federal law protecting company computers

Many companies are concerned how to protect their electronically stored information and prevent it from being accessed, altered or deleted by unauthorized individuals. In some cases, these “hackers” can be the company’s own employees: Either during employment or on their ...

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Would your firm pass a data security audit?

Lawyers are bound by Rule of Professional Conduct 1.15, which requires that client files be “appropriately safeguarded;” failure to comply is a failure in the overall duty to act competently and in the best interests of a client.

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Are you earning customers, or just trying to buy them?

Here are a couple of statistics for you: 90 percent of web traffic comes from offering customers a good reason to visit your site. Ten percent of traffic comes from paying to have them visit. At the same time, companies ...

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Not all online tracking is bad

Lately we’ve seen a lot of news stories about the National Security Agency’s program for tracking phone records, Internet searches and Facebook pages. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have decried and supported the practice, constitutionalists are debating over ...

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