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Idaho’s health insurance exchange: what’s next?

It is not news to Idaho’s business community that the state Legislature recently passed the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Act. Few, however, are aware of exactly what the act does and what steps are next for the implementation of a ...

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Payroll fraud myths and realities

Ghost employees. While the phrase may conjure up ideas for a new mystery novel, the reality isn’t at all glamorous. These “ghosts” (fictitious employees who receive paychecks) constitute a common type of payroll fraud. Essentially, payroll fraud occurs when someone ...

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Beware the long-term or continuing guaranty

As most small business owners know, creditors will often require owners to give personal guaranties for the repayment of the company’s debt. Landlords, suppliers and bankers require these guaranties to secure an additional source of repayment and perhaps to get ...

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Rethinking legal education

This column has regularly discussed how law school does little to prepare young lawyers for practice realities in any size law firm. It has become increasingly clear that reality is catching up to law schools. According to The New York ...

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Too sexy for the job?

Is it OK to fire an employee considered too sexy? In a recent case decided by the Iowa Supreme Court, the judges held that such an action is acceptable under the law. But don’t start jumping to conclusions about potential ...

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Work smarter, not longer

In our business culture, working long and hard is often perceived as a sign of one’s drive for success. It’s described in business magazine profiles, overheard in airplane conversations and glorified in movies, including “The Man in the Gray Flannel ...

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Breaking up is hard to do

I recently read an article that a friend posted on Facebook titled, Your Brain on Divorce. The article was written by divorce attorney and mediator Michelle Crosby for The Huffington Post. As I read the article, I couldn’t help but ...

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