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Taking the blame, asking for trust

While almost everyone has felt the impact of the recession, few have felt it as strongly as the banks, which are roundly blamed for making poor lending decisions that led to the economic collapse, at least in real estate. On ...

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For maximum security, shred old hard drives

Every piece of technology has a lifespan, and even smaller companies likely have a technology closet with at least a few “retired” hard drives tucked into a corner. Although these machines may have been wiped using software designed to destroy ...

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TEDZ: Building highways, building the economy

There has been much discussion recently about shortfalls and increasing deficits in the Idaho Transportation Department’s  budget for maintenance of Idaho’s highways and bridges.  It is estimated that in less than 10 years 28 percent of Idaho’s highways will have ...

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Public education solutions are needed urgently

As employers, we represent Idaho with all its differences – coming from many geographies and communities, with unique cultural and political characteristics. Some of us run small businesses, some large. In many ways we couldn’t be more unalike. But we ...

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Wonder Bread – is it back?

When I first saw the headlines a few days back on my Twitter feed, I started getting excited, but told myself to calm down. After all, it’s not a done deal yet (it needs to get bankruptcy court approval; a ...

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The meaning of work

“Why don’t my employees think like me?” This refrain frequently comes out of the mouths of frustrated and perplexed business owners I work with. Sometimes the cause is poor judgment or a competency issue on the part of an employee, ...

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The Xbox wins this round

It’s not only mail carriers being rendered obsolete by electronic communication. A less-known casualty of our changing society is the piano. Once common in middle-class homes, the old upright is being pushed offstage by other forms of entertainment. There’s a ...

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USERRA: An overview for service members’ employers

The legal services offered by lawyers depend largely on the clients they serve. Today, with more and more service members returning from deployment, it is worthwhile for attorneys to become familiar with the federal law that provides increased rights and ...

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