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Doing something about the weather

It is a general principle, going back at least to United States v. Spearin (1918), that “where one agrees to do, for a fixed sum, a thing possible to be performed, he will not be excused or become entitled to ...

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Upcoming workers’ comp change could affect your business

Most business owners understand the need and importance of an effective safety program to control overall direct and indirect costs. That need will increase once again with the announcement from the National Council on Compensation Insurance that they will be ...

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Hispanic homebuyers: A wave to lift the housing industry?

At a time when the housing industry needs an infusion of hope, the demographic gods are poised to unleash what some realtors, lenders and builders say will be the industry’s salvation: waves of young Hispanic workers and families hungry for ...

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Undoing an Idaho football snub

At this point in my life I like and appreciate my morning office routine. I turn on the computer, fix a cup of coffee and check the daily headlines before tackling the day’s tasks. Call me a creature of habit, ...

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Hourly pay and life lessons

I found my first regular employment as, well, let’s just say a fast food technologist. They were the only ones hiring 15-year-olds in my town. That wasn’t a bad thing. The chain I worked for had made a science of ...

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Access to health care remains as elusive as ever

When the dust settled after the landmark decision in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, two things became clear. First, the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), the Obama administration’s signature domestic accomplishment, survived a furious existential challenge from the right. ...

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Have a great idea? Try incubating it.

You have come up with a brilliant idea for a new product or service, and you cannot wait to start your own business and get your widget into the marketplace. You file incorporation papers, obtain an EIN, and get a ...

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Ample room for improvement

There was no bread basket on the table June 18 at the Saint Alphonsus Health System luncheon for David Kessler, the former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Instead of buttering rolls to eat with the main course, ...

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Blooming interest in Pinterest

Once belittled as an insubstantial electronic scrapbook with narrow appeal, the 2-year-old website Pinterest is maturing into a marketing monster. Visits to the site have increased more than 4,000 percent in less than a year, vaulting it to the No. ...

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