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When should I buy?

When my husband and I started to consider the possibility of buying our first home last September, we consulted a mortgage banker. The advice we received was: “Hurry! Buy now! The tax credit will not be extended and interest rates ...

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Why the immigration bills will die

There are plenty of reasons why Idaho is not going to follow states like Arizona and Oklahoma and turn state and county prosecutors into enforcers of immigration law. I disagree with my co-blogger Mike Tomlin, who claims that lawmakers are ...

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It takes only one to recycle

The College of Idaho, together with the city of Caldwell, has launched a recycling program. It is one of the largest efforts across Canyon County.  College of Idaho President Marvin Henberg is dedicated to supporting a greener campus, and together with ...

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Tax me, please

I don’t do all that much shopping online these days, but when I do, I’m happy to see a company tack on a separate line on my bill for sales taxes. That might sound strange, but when I see that, ...

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