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Time’s a-wasting – and here’s how to change that

The biggest single time management and productivity killer is distractions. Interruptions, email, multitasking and a dozen other different distractions cause significant loss of productivity, which translates to lost money. And, the bigger problem is not the distraction itself, which could ...

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Idaho’s college goal for students

Some have questioned if the goal of having 60 percent of Idaho high school graduates going on to some form of advanced degree or certificate is reasonable. To me the goal makes sense. While I agree that not everyone needs ...

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Can Boise be the next Boulder?

I recently moved to Boise to run ClickBank, the world’s largest digital products platform for very small to mid-sized businesses. ClickBank has offices in Broomfield, Colo., (right outside of Boulder) and we’re headquartered in Boise. In Seattle, you get spoiled ...

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Homebuyers are voting with their feet

Do you love your commute? Would you prefer to walk or ride a bike to work? When searching for a home, how important is proximity to shopping, restaurants, parks and other amenities? The answers to these questions are changing, both ...

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How to value a startup for potential investors

Coming up with the right valuation for your company in the startup phase of a company’s life cycle can be very tricky. In the early stages of formation, the value of your company is most likely close to zero. Obviously, ...

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What’s the holdup, BVEP?

A lot of good news has come out of Twin Falls lately. A 1 million-square-foot Chobani yogurt plant opened last year, and Glanbia Foods, the largest maker of American cheese in the country, opened its corporate headquarters there this summer. ...

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Incorporate personal electronic devices into communications policies

Increasingly, employees are using personal cellphones, tablets, laptop computers and other electronic devices for work, including remote access to employer networks and databases. In the not-too-distant past, employers’ electronic communication policies focused primarily on regulating employee use of electronic equipment ...

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HP Boise offers media peek at local startup culture

For the second year in a row, Hewlett-Packard executives invited about a dozen reporters and bloggers to Boise to learn about their products and services, and get a sample of life in Idaho. These journalists will leave with favorable impressions ...

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Health care headaches: How is Idaho faring with Obamacare?

With all the stories swirling around the opening of the health care exchanges and revelations that not everyone will be able to keep their current insurance as promised, keeping up with what businesses and individuals need to know, and do, ...

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