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Agriculture land values are on the rise

Idaho agricultural land values are on the rise. Commodity prices are high, and farmers and ranchers are earning near-record profits, so many are looking to expand their operations. There’s also another dynamic at play. You may remember that prior to ...

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A possible break in Idaho’s road funding traffic jam

There was a collective gasp when Sen. Chuck Winder told a roomful of local movers and shakers this spring that he would support a local-option tax initiative in the coming legislative session. As things now stand, only a few Idaho ...

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The other side of health care reform

As health care reform inches closer to full implementation, most of the media focus has been on the new laws and systems being put in place to increase the portion of the population that is covered by health insurance. That ...

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Sizing up the competition

If you are a small business owner, it’s helpful to know what your competition is up to. A new tool called SizeUp can help you do that. The U.S. Small Business Association hosts SizeUp on its website. The tool, licensed ...

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Throwing patent trolls over the bridge

On June 4, spurred by increased attention that the topic has received in recent weeks, the White House issued a press release providing various legislative and executive recommendations to address the issue of patent trolls. Patent trolls — also referred ...

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Temporary labor and public work contractors’ laws

The use of temporary labor in the Idaho construction industry is a fairly common practice. Typically, a contractor or subcontractor who temporarily needs some unskilled or semi-skilled labor to perform various tasks at a construction site may make arrangements for ...

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Grasping professional liability insurance coverage

An architect had occasion, for the first time, to call on his errors-and-omissions insurance policy for coverage. No suit had been filed; the architect’s client had not even made a claim. But over a period of months, the architect had ...

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Future-proof your firm

The future of private practice has been the subject of much speculation for the last several years. While some partners behave as if things will go back to business as usual, most of those who are paying attention believe we ...

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The wild and wooly world of attorney-client confidentiality

If you ask lay people to name the ethical duties lawyers have to their clients, the most frequent response would be the duty to keep their clients’ information confidential. The duty of confidentiality is the ethical duty most familiar to ...

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