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In business, counter rudeness with reason

Jerks: Everyone’s encountered a few in their lives. In the courtroom or out, they can make you forget all those manners you learned growing up, triggering reactions you might later regret. The problem is sufficiently widespread that the American Board ...

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Collaboration is happening in Boise

photo of kevin learned

Last month, the Idaho Business Review published an opinion piece by my friend, Marc Johnson, about the Greater Boise Auditorium District. With the upcoming election for seats on the district board, and with a renewed focus on the potential use ...

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Beware of English-only rules

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced last year that Delano Regional Medical Center, an acute-care hospital in California’s San Joaquin Valley, agreed to pay $975,000 to settle a class action national origin discrimination lawsuit brought on behalf of a ...

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Idaho’s farmers should prepare to be targeted

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is targeting the Northwest’s farmers. For the uninitiated, the EEOC is a federal agency that enforces federal laws against workplace discrimination. The commission receives and investigates thousands of charges of discrimination brought by employees ...

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Hope springs eternal for an awful golfer

I am a terrible golfer. Like, embarrassingly bad. Last time I went golfing, I took a mighty swing that made great contact. The only problem was that the contact was with the ground about eight inches in front of the ...

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Doctors and golf? The stereotype doesn’t hold

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. It’s time for fitness in the great outdoors. That’s why we love the Treasure Valley, right? And for doctors, this means dusting off that putter … right? Wrong! It’s true I am ...

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EPA proposes stormwater rule changes

On April 1, the Environmental Protection Agency published proposed revisions to its stormwater permitting rule for the Construction and Development Point Source Category (C&D rule). While most states are authorized to regulate the discharge of stormwater from construction sites, the ...

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E-Fairness is good for Idaho retailers

Shopping online is a simple and convenient way to make purchases. The Idaho Retailers Association fully supports online shopping, and we encourage all our members to develop an online presence to compete in today’s marketplace. What we do not support ...

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Idaho’s employers have a stake in Medicaid expansion

Each year at renewal time, Idaho’s businesses face the ever-increasing costs of providing health insurance for their employees. However, many businesses fail to realize that a portion of each health insurance premium reflects the costs associated with health care provided ...

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