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The three taxes

There has been interest in the question of which states tax what, and whether Idaho should do away with the income tax and increase the sales tax to compensate. There are those that would argue for the reduction of all ...

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Real work begins after elections

It’s been said that “elections have consequences,” and that saying is very true. The reason it’s true is that the decisions made by the people we elect have consequences. This year’s elections were hard fought. From the top of the ...

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The next four years for health care

The next president of the United States is Barack Obama. The Republicans have retained control of the House of Representatives, but not the Senate. What does this mean for health care? We know that the president intends to pursue implementation ...

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Takeaways from the election

Five initial takeaways from the voting yesterday: 1) In Idaho the controversial effort by top GOP leaders to “reform” education received an old-fashioned whipping – a historic whipping – at the polls. Not since 1982 – when then-Democratic state Rep. ...

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Decrying the loss of ‘industrial commons’

When government invests in a company that goes bankrupt, critics haul out the predictable indictment: Politicians don’t understand business, and shouldn’t try to pick winners and losers in the competition that is capitalism. But in the case of the the ...

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Roadways as a utility

Oregon is behind the times in how it pays for its horizontal infrastructure. The state is poised to fall off a cliff in terms of roadway funding unless a paradigm shift occurs. The roadways that we drive on are no ...

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Peace Corps provides positive business training

My wife and I served in the Peace Corps in Jamaica more than 40 years ago, and this experience has affected the way we think about the world ever since. After the Peace Corps, I worked as a lawyer for ...

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