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Common sense says vote no on nature path initiatives

For a number of years, Treasure Valley residents have enjoyed a unique amenity – the 1.5-mile Garden City Nature Path preserved for walkers, runners and nature lovers. In an increasingly urbanized valley, this small section of Greenbelt offers users access ...

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Nonprofits, use caution during election year

As the calendar quickly approaches Election Day, many nonprofit organizations may be finding it difficult to advocate for their organizations and ensure the public officials who support their missions are elected without jeopardizing their tax exempt status. The majority of ...

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Chasing out-of-state work may cost unsuspecting contractors

Many Idaho contractors are seeking work in other states.  Energy-related construction in states like North Dakota has attracted contractors from all over the country. Although these states offer substantial business opportunities, Idaho contractors should be aware of problems that can ...

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Retail is leading the way in commercial market

The commercial real estate market continues to improve each month, and retail is leading the way. We have seen nine consecutive quarters of vacancy decline. Retail vacancy is currently 8.4 percent, the lowest since 2007. Unanchored vacancy has declined even ...

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A call to be ambitious

Remember when success was a good thing? And what it was like before successes and business owners were demonized by political leaders? Remember when people could talk about their successes and ambitions openly? My favorite opening line when I visit ...

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Can our political system avoid economic suicide?

A popular misconception is that lemmings commit mass suicide when they migrate. Disney Studios won an Academy Award for Documentary Feature in 1958, for the film White Wilderness, which staged footage showing lemmings jumping to certain death. Because of this, ...

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Film production can help Idaho grow

Film production can stimulate Idaho’s economy in many ways, but very few come here to shoot. They pass over Idaho because we have no film incentives. Well, we do and we don’t. Let me explain. We actually have a program ...

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Burberry’s profit warning: A sign of global austerity or bad strategy?

Last month’s profit warning by the British fashion brand Burberry, which reduced by about 20 percent the value of the stock, was widely interpreted as a reflection of China’s economic slowdown and the arrival of an austere era in Europe ...

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Government contracting: An opportunity in a down economy

Although the recession may finally be coming to an end, commercial lenders remain reluctant to provide money for new construction. Many surviving contractors are taking jobs for small profit margins, if any. Where else can contractors turn to find work? ...

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