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For construction spending to increase, businesses need economic certainty

We all know that the construction industry has lost jobs – a lot of jobs. We all know that nonresidential construction spending is a fraction of what it was in 2008 and that residential has shown only the slightest indication ...

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Eight tips for sending the perfect business greeting card

Looking out the window on a fall day, it’s clear the season is changing. Soon the goblin and ghoul decor will be replaced by evergreens and red-nosed reindeer, and pumpkin spice lattes will be traded for peppermint mochas. Love it ...

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Are electric vehicles green?

Everyone thinks they know that electric vehicles are green. EVs reduce our reliance on petroleum gas and wean the United States from dependence on foreign oil. But a nagging question lurks not far below the surface. If the electricity used ...

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For your business, “LLC” or “INC” carry a lot of weight

As a business attorney who specializes in working with small and medium-size businesses, one of the hardest things to see is a great business idea fail due to simple mistakes that can be easily avoided. This column is dedicated to ...

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Facebook Firings: Status is risky

Can employers fire employees for derogatory Facebook posts? How about terminations for tweets on Twitter? The answer is yes, however, federal law may protect certain employee social media communications and as the technological world—and its impact on the workplace—continue to ...

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Artisans 4 Hope

I sometimes fantasize about being retired. Since I’m knee-deep in raising little people right now, the reality of getting up and doing what I want to do, versus what needs to be done, is a long way off. But when ...

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